Hello my name is Saccstry and this is my art/personal blog. I mostly draw cute girls mixed with dreaminess and horror.
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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm not sure if you've seen it, but I think Meto from Mejibray wore a shirt with your drawing! The pink, long-sleeved one sold in Japan, there was some girl on street fashion blog who also had it, and you even commented on that picture if I remember well.

Nope I haven’t seen it, please give me a link c: And I haven’t seen a long sleeved one, so they’ve made a new shirt with my art on it then? D: 

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My teeth say no but my cavities say yes 
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My teeth say no but my cavities say yes 

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Anonymous asked: Hi Saccstry! I really love your art <3 I want to know that you can draw something inspired in little red hiding hood , I love this story and Alice , because os this I love so much your Alice draws . Ahh I really really really love you , I could spend all day looking your tumblr <3 My English aren't good , I'm sorry , I just a Brazilian fan >//<

Hello :D Aww your message made me smile, thank you so much! Yes I’d definitely like to draw all the cute girls from fairy tales someday! I just need to think of some decent ideas for them c: 

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Anonymous asked: I Iknow this may sound weird but I love the way you draw hands they looks so perfect and you get every detail right X3

Akjadkjs thank you :D I’ve always loved drawing hands but for some reason I haaate drawing feet even though they’re kinda like super elongated hands at the end of your legs lol

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Anonymous asked: you have a facebook page ??? It is because there are 2 pages of theirs facebook forgive my English

Nope I don’t. I’ve seen the pages before and I’ve tried to ask them to write that it’s a fanpage in the description and not actually me when they linked me to the pages through tumblr but they still haven’t apparently. I don’t mind since they’re just posting my art and not pretending to be me in the comments but still I wonder why they won’t clarify it’s a fanpage..

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I drew this a while ago but forgot to post it 
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I drew this a while ago but forgot to post it 

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Anonymous asked: So the dentist just let you have the xrays? Seriously???? You can do that??? I want mine omg

Well they do everything by computer these days there so there isn’t the fancy xray sheet that’s held up to the light anymore :c I took a picture of the computer screen (what I posted here) and then she was like ‘do you want a print out?’ and I was like akjfjksajfs yes and now I’m gonna hang it on my wall but it’s just a b&w copy from a regular printer. 

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Anonymous asked: You know, dentists will let you keep your wisdom teeth if you want once they're removed. My dentist is gonna let me keep mine when I get mine out next summer. But you alignment is so lovely and your wisdom teeth are absolutely gorgeous, judging by the picture. Such a nice set. <3

Apparently they’re a health hazard so some do and some don’t? But yesterday the dentist said as long as someone soaks them in bleach for a few minutes then they can give them to me! I reeeeally don’t want mine out mainly because of my huge needle phobia (especially an i.v. *shudders* you might as well just push me in a tub of maggots) but the dentist said they’re never gonna 100% emerge or they would’ve by now. I’m gonna attempt to delay it as long as possible though. Anyways thank you! :D 

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Toads are like little aliens who live in the grass 

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