Artwork stolen AGAIN.


Thanks, China.


They didn’t even do a good job, jeez.

Two of the shirts have art stolen from me. Not sure who the three eyed girls were stolen from, though it looks familiar.

I’m really shocked..I never thought this would happen! D: I feel sad yet flattered at the same time.. It says ‘this item is no longer available’ though, does that mean it was taken down? Also why does it have to be an allover print.. that’s always been one of my dreams, seeing my art as an allover print..but I definitely didn’t want it to happen this way :C 


My art inspired and made for saccstry ^.^ I’m so glad she responded to a message I sent to her, she is one of my biggest inspirations~ also I apologize for the post being unrelated to my usual posts

ASKJFDJAFJAJK :D So cuuuuute!! Her organs/bones look so adorable and I love how you added some glittery shine in there! Thank you, this is wonderful c: 

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Washing Machine
Where’s Waldo

And with that I bid thee goodnight

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Heyo! Have you seen the blood moon eclipse? =D I think you'd like it! But if, not, that's cool too. xD Just thought I'd ask!

Nope I didn’t D: I would’ve liked to but I couldn’t see it out of my windows and I’m a big baby so going outside in the dark by myself in the middle of the night was not an option lol. 

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do you have any siblings? if so, do they also draw? :D

Yes I have 1 sister who’s 1&1/2 years younger than me, she doesn’t draw. No one in my family draws, it’s just me by my lonesome lol. My sister and I are as different as night and day, we have absolutely nothing in common other than being alive haha. I’ve always been envious of artists who have artist siblings, it seems like it would be so fun drawing together.





Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.

oh this is cute, it’s like something out of gunnerkrigg court or bracklewoo-OHHH SHIT


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Aliens are under us

Answering anon questionssss

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Is anyone else who uses userstyles to change your dashboard look having trouble with it? Ever since I changed my password for that stupid heartbleed thing, my dashboard theme just randomly got deleted. Thankfully I have it saved somewhere and I tried to download the one I used before as a base but my dashboard won’t change at all even though it says installed??? Please help, I don’t wanna keep looking at this ugly blue coloooor. 

Some sort of space punk girl or something