Hello my name is Saccstry and this is my art/personal blog. Enjoy your stay here :D
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Anonymous asked: Ya know what, the hand looks tiny, but in a good way. Like one of the dolls you have.

Thank you c: I’d really like to get it right though, it’s so hard sometimes! I think in general hands are supposed to be about the size of your hairline to your chin. My hands are really big and long though…everyone hold your hand up to your face and tell me how big it is by replying to this post lol 

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Answering anon questionsssssssss :D

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I don’t like this anymore so I’m never gonna finish it 
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I don’t like this anymore so I’m never gonna finish it 

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Anonymous asked: Lady Saccstryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! How's everything going for you? :D I'm REALLY into those DIY candy kits you keep posting. And I definitely agree! They look like fun! ^o^ But can you be kind enough to tell which kits are the best and which are the worst (taste wise of course!)? Pleeeeaaassseee? ;w; I'm planning on buying some online and I'm pretty nervous. >w<" Thank you tons if you respond! Have a great day, m'kay? Cx

Hello :D No problem, here’s the kits I’ve tried so far:

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Anonymous asked: Hey Saccatry! I'm a huge fan, and I was just wondering if I could possibly get a piece of yours tattooed. If you would like I could message you off anon, and talk privately. But what I'm getting at is, use one of your pictures as a base, and have the artist use his artistic ability to add on, or change it up. If you would not like it, I completely understand, and will follow your wishes as an artist. Thank you so much for your time! Much love xoxoxo

Hello :D Thank you! Sure that’d be fine, just don’t alter it to the point where it’d be completely unrecognizable. But if you wanna add some bows or a new outfit or something like that then sure c: 

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Anonymous asked: Brazil loves you!

I love Brazil too :D 

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Anonymous asked: What online stores do u frequent most? Lovely blog xx

I don’t really shop online all that much but lately I’ve been buying more shirts online since all they have in physical stores these days are croptops and those tanktops with the gigantic armpit holes. I only like wearing tshirts or sweaters. 2-3 weeks ago I bought tshirts from Sheinside, and then last night I ordered from Romwe and my Society6 shop c: I’ve also bought a few shirts from The Mountain in the past, I looove those shirts especially the ones with aliens on them. PS they have a lot of the same shirts in adults/kids so if you’re an adult S, buy the kids XL there. You’ll get the exact same shirt for 6 dollars less. Thank you :D 

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I forgot to post these pics, I made them from the Japanese diy kits!! There’s just something about making tiny food that’s so askadsjdjsjdjakj. Why the eff don’t they sell these kits here?? I don’t get it, they’re so much fun and I think people all over the world would really enjoy doing them. Then I could buy one every single week at the grocery store!

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Look at this lovely plate I got today :D You can&#8217;t really tell in the pic but there&#8217;s polka dots on the blue part! 
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Look at this lovely plate I got today :D You can’t really tell in the pic but there’s polka dots on the blue part! 

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