Hello my name is Saccstry and this is my art/personal blog. I mostly draw cute girls mixed with dreaminess and horror.
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Anonymous asked: Hello! I really love the way you draw/paint lips! I was wondering if you could share your lip secret?

Hello, thank you :D There’s tons of lip tutorials out there that explain lips way better than I ever could but one thing I find that a lot of tutorials lack is explaining that defining the structure around the lips is just as important as the lips. Philtrum, cupid’s bow highlight, lip shadow, etc. Here’s my lame quick attempt at trying to show what I mean, red is light and blue is dark.

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Anonymous asked: I just had a cool thought. what if fingernails were like, crystals. o: I would have opal ones!!! they would be so shiny and smooth. not to mention pretty! hbu???

Oooh that sounds awesome! I’d love to have opal ones too, or faceted morganite c: 

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a fan, and I noticed you struggle with a lot of art theft, how do you handle the feelings? Recently, I've had my work stolen numerous times and it's really taken a tole on my mental health (stress and general hurt), how do you do it? I'm finding it hard to really enjoy sharing my work when it keeps getting stolen. (Sharing my work was once my biggest joy in life-- now I dread it.) Do you have any advice with handling the feelings? I'd really appreciate it. ; v;

Hello c: I’m sorry to hear it’s happened to you too D: Over time you just become kinda used to it, I’ve been dealing with my stolen art on shirts for several months and now when people send me a link to someone selling my art/wearing it/etc i just think “ugh this again” and sometimes make a tumblr post about it, but then I just move on and forget about it until someone sends me the next link. Sorry, I know this isn’t very helpful advice but it’s just what I do :c 

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Here’s part of a wip to break up all the recent textposts c: 
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Here’s part of a wip to break up all the recent textposts c: 

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lunar-luna asked: Dracula and Nessie!

dracula: are you afraid of aging? or death?
Yes, extremely. Who knows if there’s any sort of life after death, I can’t imagine anything more utterly horrifying than just…not existing. Not hearing, not seeing, not thinking. I would rather live for eternity in a tiny box with just my own mind for company than not exist. I used to have several panic attacks about this per day but I’ve gotten good at distracting myself with the internet when I feel my mind trying to think about it. 

nessie: have you ever felt invisible to people — the feeling of not existing?
Yes, back when I was in school. I wasn’t exactly a popular kid you can say haha. I was that super shy dork who would sit by herself in the corner reading a book instead of talking to other people when there was any sort of free time. It was mostly my own fault though, a couple times people invited me to hang out with their group in the cafeteria before school started but that’s the thing with anxiety, the thoughts of what could go wrong if you go greatly overpower your desire to go so you don’t go. 


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younblu asked: Werewolf and robot!

werewolf: if you could change into any nonhuman animal and back at will, what animal would you change into and why?
A bird so I could fly everywhere! Or maybe a shark so I could swim all around deep in the ocean whenever I wanted. 

what is a habit you do without thinking?
I always rip up straw wrappers and napkins into really tiny pieces whenever I’m at a restaurant. Then when the food finally comes I gather up all the pieces into a pile to put on my plate when I’m done eating lol 


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sailorxena asked: oh, yeah they said it was from a showcase. and they don't sell it so they were unaware. :-/ sorry.

Thats good to know they’re not selling it, thank you for finding that out for me c: What’s a showcase though? Like a pop up shop? That other picture I saw a little while ago of that shirt on a mannequin looked like it was outside..

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Anonymous asked: alien

alien:what is your strangest feature?
Like physically? I guess maybe my fingers/hands? Everyone always tells me they look longer than average. One time in school the teacher made the class decide who would have to get the supplies for each table by hand size, what even. The smallest and biggest hands at the table had to get the supplies, the other girl had the smallest hands and I had the largest hands over 2 boys, I was so embarrassed OTL. I’ve learned to love my long hands now though, I love growing my nails long to make them look even longer! 

And this is the last one for tonight, sorry for the dash spam but these were really fun to answer :D

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deliciousloser asked: Witch?

witch:if you could magically change anything about yourself right now, what would it be and why?

I’d love to change my face to one that looks like the faces I draw! I’d also like to get rid of my bad anxiety, life would be a lot better without it :c 

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